Who Should Go on the DASH Diet?

Who Should Go on the DASH Diet?

The United States Department of Agriculture considers the DASH diet an ideal diet for all Americans regardless of age or current level of health. It provides an optimum level of nutrition while maintaining a low-fat, low sodium intake eating plan. It is an excellent and healthy option for the entire family.

However, there are individuals who would benefit more for the DASH diet simply because the DASH diet can literally save their lives.

Do You Have High Blood Pressure

 One in three Americans currently have high blood pressure, which accounts for roughly 68 million people. High blood pressure generally affects older Americans, but a growing number of young people also suffer from the disease. As covered in Section 2, uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to serious and life threatening health problems.

We all want a long and healthy life. If you have high blood pressure, going on the DASH diet is the optimum diet to lower your blood pressure, prevent blood pressure related diseases, and potentially save your life.

Are You Overweight?

Currently, nearly 69% of all Americans are overweight or obese, while 36% are obese. This is a humbling and clarifying statistic.

Most overweight people do not realize that at they are overweight or are in denial about their weight issue.

 Being overweight over a long period of time can lead to high blood pressure, which can lead to the wide range of health issues covered in Section 2. And it isn’t just adults who are suffering from this health epidemic.

About 32% of American children and adolescents are overweight or obese, and about 17% of them are obese. Even very young children are at risk, with 30.5% of preschoolers being overweight or obese.

If you live in America, chances are that you are overweight since roughly two-thirds of the overall population is. Lower income Americans and ethnic groups are at greater risk for obesity and being overweight because of the cheap, low nutrient, high fat foods that are available to these groups.

But it isn’t just the poor who suffer from obesity and being overweight. One simply has to turn on the TV to see shows like The Biggest Loser to see the prevalence of the obesity crisis in our country.

If you are in the one-third minority of Americans who are not overweight, it is probably due to proper food choices. It is likely you have an understanding of nutrition and the importance of physical activity. This report will give you additional information and suggestions for living an even healthier lifestyle. But if you are part of the two-thirds majority, this report could save your life.

Obesity costs this country over $147 billion a year and countless lives. The crisis is so deep that many people resort to surgery, yo-yo dieting, and dangerous pharmaceuticals.

The current generation of children may have shorter lifespan than their parents. Why? Because people don’t know how to eat. The FDA does not regulate the nutritional content of foods that are constantly advertised and cheaply available to the public.

We, as a nation, are poisoning ourselves with high fat, high sodium, and low nutrient foods. It is costing the lives of this generation and is severely limiting the lives of the future generations.

The DASH diet is a perfect diet for the entire family. In later sections, meal plans and recipes will be provided for further understanding and guidance of how to follow the plan. The DASH diet is not a fad, lose weight quick diet, it is a complete lifestyle overhaul. It may very well save your life and the lives of your children.

 Do You Have a History of Heart Disease in Your Family?

 Anyone with a history of heart disease should think seriously about implementing the DASH diet. Even if you do not currently have heart disease or high blood pressure, or are obese, going on the DASH diet can help prevent these problems from arising in the future.

The DASH diet is a heart healthy diet. It has been shown in scientific studies that the DASH diet prevents and lowers hypertension. It can also help prevent heart disease and issues contributing to heart disease.

 Do You Want a Healthier Lifestyle?

 Perhaps you are healthy, not overweight, and have no underlying medical problems, but you just feel a little off. Maybe you have low energy, maybe you lack focus, maybe you rely too heavily on your coffee in the morning.

The DASH diet is an excellent program to follow if you just want a generally healthier lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about the plan being a fad or a marketing ploy.

 The foods that are on the DASH diet are readily available to everyone at the local grocery store. It won’t cost any more to eat DASH diet foods than what you spend now, and you will feel great, live longer, have healthier skin and hair, have more energy, and more stamina to enjoy your life.