Protein is one of the most commonly used words and tends to be misunderstood. The questions can then be posed as to how much protein is required? Some persons also wonder whether or not protein will bulk them up too much? The main thing to note is that protein plays an important role in life.

Apart from water protein is the most abundant substance. In fact approximately fifty percent of the body’s dry weight is made up of protein. This includes the nails, eyes, hair, skin and muscle.

I think the general message has been conveyed here. Below are three reasons why protein helps burn calories and in turn promote weight loss.

Protein Helps Satiate Ones Appetite

 Of the three food groups (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) protein is the most effective at curbing hunger. The ability of the protein to satisfy hunger also has an effect on the amount that you consume on a daily basis. If you typically start the day off with some high quality protein (instead of breakfast cereals) you will be more likely to have more consistent levels of hunger daily.

 Protein Cuts Down On Insulin Sensitivity

Being able to control the levels in insulin in the body will have a huge impact on your waistline and the weight you are at. This is because the consumption of bad carbohydrates like cakes, sweets and pasta can have an effect on the production of insulin by quickly increasing the levels of bolls sugar which will trigger an increase in insulin production.

This leads to the body storing more fat. If you check it out most over weight persons tend to be insulin resistant. This really means that the pancreas is working overtime to produce insulin to reduce the levels of sugar in the blood to what it was prior to you eating. This will just make you want to eat more and this is where the vicious cycle of overeating starts.

In a nutshell the consumption of high quality protein will help cut down on this occurring and allow the body to do the same job with less insulin.

Protein helps burn calories

 Most people are aware that there are two ways in which you can burn calories. It is either to eat less or become more active. There is however another way to burn off these calories and it is known as the thermic effect of food. It is referring to the amount of energy that the body has to break down food and get the necessary energy from it.

The great thing is that the body requires two point five to three times more energy to break down proteins as opposed to fats or carbohydrates. This will increase the metabolic rate. Now that is fabulous! A way does exist to increase ones metabolism without getting off the cushion. Of course it is not ideal to eat snacks while watching television as a means to lose weight.

If weight loss is really your goal you ought to ensure that you are consuming protein like eggs, lean meats or fresh meats. Though a combination of grains and pulses are good sources of protein as well as soya and dairy but it is not recommended. If it is a matter of convenience you can get your protein by having a shake that is low in sugar.

So the general guide is to base each meal and snack around protein and then add some fresh vegetables and fruits and some quality fats as well.