The Stone Age/Paleolithic period precedes all current advancements in technology. This includes mass food production and farming. During this period man was a gatherer and hunter that consumed what he could catch or scavenge. The Paleo diet of today is based on food that is grown naturally and not the product of processing or farming.

Though the Stone Age man did not exercise much he had a very active life style and spent a lot of his time doing labor to gather food. Advocates of this kind of exercise think that these particular types of exercise and is much better suited to improve the levels of fitness than the modern forms of exercise.


Before chairs were invented, Stone Age man would squat to rest. Squatting is an effective way to keep the knees and hips mobile as well as being a great leg exercise that helps improve jumping and running. The best way to do squats a s a form of conditioning is to stand with feet apart (shoulder width) and have your hands at your sides. Bend the knees while pushing the hips back and squat until the thighs are basically parallel to the floor. Ensure you are pressing down through the heels and stand up.

To improve mobility in the knees and hip one simply has to squat and rest on your haunches while resting ones heel son the floor. This can be difficult for those persons that are chair bound on a daily basis as the lower muscles in the body tend to be tight. To improve on one’s ability to get this done one can use a door handle that is wait high to provide some balance. Hold the position for as long as possible as the level of flexibility increases.


Stone Age man has to be able to sprint to get away from predators and also to hunt game. This is a great way to exercise as it helps improve cardiovascular fitness and build up the strength of the legs. Start off slow and don’t try to sprint full out from the get go. Also sprint for varying distances taking enough time to rest between sprints.


When our ancestors caught and killed their prey, they had to get it back home somehow and this was done by dragging. It is a great way to work out. Dragging objects backward helps to strengthen the arms, lower back and thighs while dragging forward works on the abs, glutes and hamstrings. You can use a weighted sled or even a tire with a rope attached. As long as the weight is varied and also the distance covered and the direction you are going it will work rather effectively.


Our ancestors’ main weapons were spears and rocks which they had to be able to throw great distances. To replicate this go outdoors and throw a rock in a number of ways. You can throw it back over your head and forward using one arm at a time. Run for the rock wherever it has landed and repeat the process of course a medicine ball will be just as effective especially if you are not able to get it done outdoors. Anytime you perform any activities that involve throwing ensure that the abdominal muscles are kept tight and the spine is stable.

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