Almost everyone is aware that lean meats are needed to lose weight quickly. This meat has a low fat content and has a lot of protein that is vital for the balanced diet. The thermic effect of protein and the length of time that it takes to digest will help the body to burn additional calories in the digestive process than fat or complex carbohydrates ever could.

How to Make the Selection

When selecting lean meat it is essential to be aware of what exactly lean refers to. For example the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) denotes that a single serving of beef (lean) contains ten grams of fat. That equates to ninety fat calories with most of it being fat that is saturated fat. The categorization for beef that is extra lean still includes five grams (45 calories) of fat in each serving. As such the categorization of a particular type of meat as lean does not necessarily mean that it has a low fat content.

What is Lean?

No matter what all types of meat will contain some fat. Despite this the most ideal types of lean meat contain less than two grams of fat in each serving. As a lot of the fat in meat is saturated fat, it is best to keep the level of fat to a minimum. To guarantee that this happens, it is essential that you read the labels on your food.

Best List of Lean Meats

Outlined below is a list of a few of the most ideal lean meats that you can buy. As there are various types of fish you will have a greater selection.

The only requirement is that the meat contains less than two grams of fat in each serving. In order to obtain the amount of fat that the body needs, you can make use of fats that contain high levels of poly and monounsaturated fats.

Turkey Breast: one point four grams in each serving

Chicken Breast: one point five grams in each serving

Tuna: one gram in each serving

Grouper (Red Grouper): one gram in each serving

Cod: one gram in each serving

Pinnacle (Whiting): one point two grams in each serving

Ocean Perch (Redfish): one point six grams in each serving

One final thing to mention is that lean fish is a really great option as it contains omega 3 fatty acids that are an added bonus. In the diet we have nowadays this is usually very low. The omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial as they are thought to help boost the level of immunity and lower blood pressure.