Paleo Diet Solution Lose Weight The Easy And Healthy Way


A lot of persons have heard of the Paleo diet but do not really know what it is. This diet is a high protein, low sodium and low sugar which will get an individual in the best state of health. It is based on the diet that our ancestors from the Paleolithic era had.

Though the main aim of the diet is to promote health, it also works great for weight loss. The individuals that developed this diet are of the belief that the cavemen that lived in the Paleolithic or Stone Age era had the best and most suitable diet for man.

This is so because since that time our genes have not changed much (only 0.01%) but the way in which we live has changed by leaps and bounds. It is thought that it is best that we revert to that diet as all the food was fresh and had no chemicals.

Animals were hunted and food was picked and consumed. There was none of the additives, artificial flavorings or preservatives that we have today.

During the Stone Age, there really was no need for foods that had a longer shelf life or any requirement for instant foods. The need for these things has only come about in recent years as we have the ever increasing need to have things easier for convenience. With the additions of these chemicals some foods are no longer as good for us as it used to be.

 Even if we have natural food the wrong portions are consumed posing more of a risk to our health than anything else.

This is the basis on which the Paleo diet was created. It is meant to keep us away from foods that are not good for us and give food options that can provide all the nutrients that our body needs. The cavemen had very healthy lifestyles without the conveniences of fast food that we now have. The diet allowed our ancestors to do their daily tasks which were rather labor intensive and required a lot of energy. They spent their time walking for miles to pick their food and hunt and all this was possible because of the diet.

This diet has a high protein component as the aim is to provide the right amount of energy to carry out tasks which are labor intensive. It also has a lot of vegetables and fruits which help provide the right amount of nutrients and vitamins for the body. These food groups can be consumed without limits.

 In fact the more thatyou can consume the better off you will be. The need to take supplements will be reduced as the diet will have all the necessary nutrients.

The Paleo diet is low in sugar and sodium as too much sugar and salt is not good for the body. The cavemen had this sort of diet because they did have access to artificial sweeteners or refined sugar and they did not cook in the way that we do now so a lot of salt was not needed to flavor dishes.

The diet really brings everything back to basics. Through the consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits and meat one will be much healthier than if one consumed boxed, canned, processed and other foods including dairy which did not exist in the Stone Age era.