There are a lot of things going on in the body on a daily basis and a lot of things get into our bodies that can make our health deteriorate. Making changes to the way in which you eat can allow you to cleanse the body and restore the body to premium working condition, lowering the risk of disease while providing the body with the necessary nutrients.

A list of the benefits of the Paleo diet is listed below. It is:

A diet that is dense in nutrients

Low in carbohydrates and sugar

 Low in artificial products

Easy to keep the balance in the glucagon to insulin ratio

 Free from the harmful effects of gluten

 Free from the harmful effects of high insulin

A great diet to achieve a lean body mass

Great to promote acne free skin

 The way to get relief from auto immune diseases

 The way to get relief from any disease that is metabolic

 The way to get relief from disease of affluence

A way to increase energy

A way to better athletic performance

The best way to lower the risk for autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disease, acne, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and much more.

The question can then be posed- how exactly is the average diet harmful?

The average diet has quite a number of harmful foods that we should not be consuming. These include but are not limited to:

Dairy (triggers acne and high levels of insulin)

Grains (triggers high levels of insulin and causes damage to the lining of the intestine)

Alcohol (triggers high insulin response and is highly toxic)

 Sugar (any type of sugar will trigger high levels of insulin)

 Hormones (refrain from eating hormone injected meat)

 Antibiotics (refrain from eating meat injected with antibiotics and if possible avoid oral antibiotics and if you have to then take probiotics after the course of antibiotics are complete)

Genetically modified foods (GMO’s)

Artificial flavoring and coloring


 Copious amounts of table salt

 Sugar substitutes or artificial sugar (splenda, sweet ‘n’ low, equal- stevia not included as it is an herb)

Trans-fats (hydrogenated fat that clogs arteries)

How can the Paleo diet help?

 Are you interested in losing weight? The Paleo diet is a great balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat. If you are trying to lose weight or are overweight it is best to refrain from consuming a lot of oils, seeds and buts. As soon as you have  achieved your ideal weight you can increase the fat you consume. If the problem is being overweight then you should take a fish oil supplement (one gram for every ten pounds of body weight and point five grams to maintain weight).

When one is overweight it also means that you are in an inflammatory state. The omega-3 which the fish oil is packed with can help lower this level of inflammation. Note that the consumption of fat will not cause you to gain more weight. You should also eat to satisfy hunger not to be extremely full. You will still feel hungry when you just begin but the body will adapt after a while.

The Paleo diet will also help you to achieve the lean body mass that you have always wanted to achieve and the results will be accelerated if you do some cross-fit training.

It is my belief that the Paleo diet works and it can really change lives. You will not only see the physical changes that your body goes through but you will also note that there is a difference with how you feel. Your body will be functioning at its best ever on a cellular level and you will have increased longevity in addition to being healthier. The list of benefits alone should indicate how much better your health can be.